Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Salt Lake City

It occurs to me that the only other time I've ever been to SLC was driving through the last time I was gone for a month - back when Grace was about 3 months old.It's not how I remember it at all.

I just stopped in at Millcreek Cycles here to see if they could find the source of a "tick" coming from the driveside crank. I suspected my chainring bolts were loosening, though I kept that to myself-not wanting to prejudice the mechanic's diagnosis. The wrench heard my time situation, and tossed my bike into the workstand, in front of who knows how many others. He checked, discovered a couple of loose ring bolts himself, and tightened those, as well as resetting the preload on the crankarms and re-torquing the crank bolts. I rode around the parking lot and the tick that's been making me crazy since the Utah border was gone.

Cost - $00.00, so in appreciation, I bought one of their t-shirts.

Tonight at 10 pm, I'll hop the California Zephyr to Reno, and start making my way up toward Mt. Lassen and across California.


  1. Hmmmm.. I'll have to check my chain ring bolts, I HAAAAAAATE ticks every time I crank.

  2. I've had that tick too. Since I got the gimpy arm and can't ride, I'm planning a complete disassembly, clean and lube followed by a professional fit.

    Then I'll work on the bike. ;)