Tuesday, June 22, 2010

End of the tour

The text on the sign reads "Next 140 Miles"

Sorry the last update has been so long in coming. There's been a lot of movement and patchy coverage from which to post.

I met my uncle John at the point which was as far west as one could prudently ride a bicycle on highway 36. No real alternative routes exist from there exist, si it was time to call it done. Once into Humboldt County, the road becomes 2-lane, no shoulder, with hundreds of blind curves, steep climbs/descents and traffic moving at 60-70 mph. In all honesty, I was worn out after the long ride the day before and nearly endless climbing that day. Time to be done.

Yesterday we traveled stretches of the coastal highway 101 through the redwood groves, and small towns. Trinidad, Eureka, Fortuna, and to the beach at Big Lagoon.

Pics are from the last 100 miles of riding, and from some of the sightseeing yesterday. The last pic is a genuine banana slug in the wild

I'll be returning to Fort Worth tomorrow, the 23rd. Patty and I were thinking about having friends over on this Sunday afternoon for snacks and swimming as kind of a coming -home party. Nothing is set in stone yet, but email me at davidwhill@gmail.com, if you're interested in coming by and I'll let you know what develops.

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  1. Well done. I'm sure your ladies will be happy to have you home, and your own abode will never smell sweeter.