Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next up: Bikepacking Kokopelli's Trail, this May.

On the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route last year, I started to realize just how much I liked touring offroad. Amazing scenery, rare vehicle traffic, and camping are the 3 best parts of a long ride in the country, and bikepacking is the way to get it all. I loved what I saw of Colorado, and felt like I'd missed the better parts of Utah, so I've been looking for a way to set up an offroad trip to see more of those.

I also would have liked to have some good people around to share the experiences and made myself a promise to be less antisocial and go out of my way to include some folks in the next plan.

I'm just starting to put this one together. The current plan has me meeting a couple friends in Moab, UT. We'll drive roads to Fruita, CO, accessing the Kokopelli Trail at key spots to cache water and stuff to pick along the way. We'll start in Fruita and take a few days to ride to Moab. If there's time, we may get a little MTB riding in Moab before returning to Fruita to pick up the cars and head back to DFW.