Monday, June 14, 2010

Changing plans...

I'm not enjoying the riding in Utah, and all my information says that the grind getting across Nevada holds no great charm, either. Nonetheless, my original plan would require 6-7 more days of unpleasant riding to get to more pretty country in California. In california, I'd be rushing to see all I want to see and still spend any time with John and Carole, before coming home.

I now think there's a better way to finish out this trip, so I've booked a seat on Amtrak tomorrow night, from Salt Lake City to Reno.

Part of me is disappointed about the change, but I'm here to have fun, and the original plan always had me sweating the last week as being rushed and hectic. This fixes that. 


  1. Smart move.
    Good logic.
    Oh and Amtrak needs the business.


  2. LOL Ed... I say good call, too.

  3. Having fun while on vacation? The nerve... :p

    I've always wanted to take a trip on Amtrak.

  4. You could always setup a stationary roller on the train. Then pedal while riding. If anyone looks askance, just tell them it's a new green measure, and you are providing the AC to that particular car. "Tips are greatly appreciated!"