Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Plan am I on, now, Plan D? E?

Riding the new touring bike to work on Monday, I noticed that the front wheel wasn't centered in the fork. I suspected that since I'd swapped the Marathon Cross tires out for skinnier road tires, maybe I'd gotten the axle whompy in the frame. I stopped and loosened and retightened it, but that didn't fix it. Had that been the problem, the brake rotor would have been grinding on the caliper anyway.

Didn't touch it Tuesday because I was celebrating my Birthday with the ladies.

So last night, I was going to attach the fenders and front rack, and got started with that, but couldn't get the wheel straight. I was looking for a foreign object like powdercoat buildup in the dropout to blame for the crooked wheel, when I saw a series of cracks in the finish. I'll put up some pics when I have them.

What happened was that the fork leg gave and bent under braking as I was trying to get the brake pads set in. the flexing caused cracks in the paint.

I'm sure glad that happened while I was riding moderately at home and not screaming 45 mph down Rabbit Ears Pass, in a hailstorm.

So, 9 days to departure, and I'm trying to find a new frame to hang all these great parts on. Cross your fingers, I think I've found one.

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